Top Widgets for Optimizing Customer Experience

According to CEB, 94% of customers who have a good experience with their respective suppliers eventually turn out to be return-buyers. If this statistic is anything to go by, customer experience is undoubtedly one of the prime business pillars. In fact, Nielsen further proved this through a study which found out that over 55% of consumers are willing to dig deeper into their pockets just for a great customer experience. This means that even with higher priced commodities, customers will still prefer you over your competitors if you provide a better overall experience. 62% of businesses acknowledge this, and most of them are already capitalizing on customer experience to boost themselves ahead of their respective competitors.

So, how exactly can you join the bandwagon of elite businesses by improving your customer experience? In this information technology era, a significant number of businesses are judged by their consumers according to their respective web experiences. An online presence isn’t sufficient anymore- you need to further invest in your site’s overall customer experience. One of the most effectual strategies of achieving this is leveraging widgets. Here are some of the top ones you should consider using:

WordPress Feedback Form

WordPress is progressively growing in popularity particularly among small business, due to its business-friendly features- among which includes optimized widgets. The WordPress Feedback Form is one of the most predominant widgets leveraged across the board due to its simplicity and effectiveness. It’s a reliable method of collecting information from your customers regarding your products/services and their preferences. It comes in a simple, user-friendly interface that allows you to tweak according to your preferences and web design.

Zendesk Web Widget

Zendesk remains one of the top customer service platforms on the web, popularly used by both small and large businesses in a wide range of fields. One of the features that make it exceptionally effective is the Zendesk Web Widget, which embeds support options right into a site. Through it, customers can access a wide range of helpful support information, or contact forms in case they need to get in touch with customer service teams. The latest versions of the platform also come with an added live chat option, which connects customers directly to support agents for uninterrupted live chats.

Rating Widget

Consumers enjoy expressing their opinions on different products and services. To grant them such an opportunity, consider using the rating widget, which uses system of rating through stars. While a rating of 3 stars is considered average, five is “excellent” and one is “poor”. This widget will also increase customer confidence in your products according to the number and type of star reviews you get.

Other popular widgets that you could effectively combine with these three for exemplary customer experience include; Trendemon, Opening Hours, WP Video Lightbox, Q2W3 Fixed Widget, Testimonial, and Whatfix. These are just but a drop in the ocean of available widgets. To avoid falling in the trap of picking any just because developers promise outstanding results, begin by assessing your site’s and customers’ needs before embarking on set of widgets to optimize them.